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Amelia Holden

MSW, RSW Registered Social Worker

“The development of a meaningful relationship with clients is the most instrumental factor in fueling their recovery,” Amelia Holden says. At Patricia Berendsen & Associates, Amelia provides counseling sessions for children, adolescents, adults, and families to help them process issues they are struggling with by providing guidance, problem solving, and skills to help navigate the situation.

During her fifteen years as a social worker, Amelia has learned first-hand the challenges faced by clients as they struggle to find the most appropriate and beneficial services for their needs.

With a Masters of Social Work and a Bachelor of Social Work from King’s University of Western Ontario, she began her career in Child Protection, working in high crisis situations, domestic violence, addiction issues, and homelessness.

“I’m very proud of the work I did as a Protection Worker as I have continued to maintain some of the relationships I developed with the adolescents over the decade that I worked with them. They respected me and valued my opinion because I treated them with dignity and never gave up on them.”

Understanding that client recovery is based on internal and external support systems, Amelia works with each client to improve their outlook and bolster their support system to achieve the goals set out in the therapy relationship. She provides a well-rounded, safe and empowering approach when addressing your concerns.

She has vast experience in individual/family counselling, and therapeutic group facilitation and in a number of approaches in her work including Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative, Crisis Management, and Solution-Focused. Aware of how extremely important psychotherapy is to a client’s recovery, Amelia combines these tools with her sound ability to develop meaningful rapport with clients. This helps develop targeted treatment goals and improve the client’s overall quality of life.

Amelia is able to bring a unique mix of academic, professional, and personal experience to her work. This facilitates her understanding of the impacts that mental health has on an individual, their family, and social network. With patience, empathy, and compassion, she tailors her work to most effectively meet every client’s unique needs. Her client-centered approach allows her to be flexible, accommodating, and understanding. She strongly values a strengths-based, dialectical approach to therapy when assisting the client in accomplishing their goals in treatment.

Outside of work, Amelia describes herself as “a wife (and) a mom to a four-legged bulldog” and shares that family is very important. She also plays soccer and is a fitness instructor.