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Margaret Vanderheyden

Canadian Certified Counsellor CCC (Strathroy)

As a Canadian Certified Counsellor and psychotherapist, Margaret Vanderheyden works with individuals, families and couples. Her expertise encompasses trauma, illness, wellness, mental health, workplace and relationship issues.

Margaret completed her Baccalaureate of Arts at the University of Western Ontario, and then went on to pursue a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Health Care Services and a Diploma in Spiritual Care at St. Paul University /the University of Ottawa. Margaret continued her studies in Gerontology at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Personality Inventories at St. Stephen’s in Alberta, Marriage and Family at Family Service London and most recently received her Clinical Counselling Certification in Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Anxiety Trance work.

Using an integrated model in therapeutic intervention, Margaret focuses on the client’s recognition of their “own ability to fix themselves” through self understanding. Margaret believes that change is possible by increasing self-awareness an identifying options and choices. “Through self-understanding and education, we will become more resourceful in responding to our life’s challenges.

Margaret was born in Belgium, immigrated to Canada at a very young age and was raised on a good old Southwestern Ontario farm. Fortunate in so many ways. Margaret’s life has been enriched with careers in Nursing, Youth and Child Care Worker and Institutional Chaplaincy. “These experiences have significantly contributed to my unique skills and strengths as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist.”

Besides being a proud mother of four adult children Margaret delights in her eight grandchildren. Margaret enjoys walking her dogs Mason & Lexus. In addition, she loves biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, art, photography, writing poetry, garden design, decorating, renovations, and travel. “While I love exploring new places, what I love more is coming home, especially to my family!”