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Laurie Ponsford-Hill 

Affiliate Associate (Mediation) and as a Distance Associate for Woodstock.


Mediation Services for Families and Couples

What is mediation? Participating in Mediation Services allows you to engage in a voluntary process in which a couple or a family attempts to resolve their disputes during a time of conflict, a separation or divorce. Mediators help each individual and the family identify key issues and work through them. The mediator works to ensure that all parties’ perspectives are considered. The mediator will not take sides, make decisions for the family, or give legal advice. Mediation Services provide support for families going through times of conflict. Benefits of mediation include: it is voluntary, high success rate, allows parties to work out their own solutions, can improve communication between parties, can be less expensive and formal than court, it is private, and it is better for your children.

How do I know if mediation is for me? Mediation works best if you are willing to:

try to work out a solution,

you feel safe meeting with the other party to discuss issues,

you are able and willing to communicate your needs, and

you are willing and able to listen to the other party’s concerns.

For those who do not feel safe or comfortable to be in the same room with the other party, we do offer shuttle mediation, where parties are separated into different rooms and the mediator provides a go-between in order to mediate an agreement between parties.


Counselling services are geared to a wide range of issues such as; addiction, conflict, anger, relationship, trauma and grief. Laurie specializes in modalities such as EMDR, IMTT, hypnotherapy, art therapy, as well as CBT and talk therapy.

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