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Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Patricia Berendsen, will present Somatic Experiencing® (SE), developed by Peter Levine, PhD., a profoundly effective method of gently healing trauma based on the fact that our nervous systems inherently know how to return to balance if given the right support. Foundational to SE is the understanding of our biological capacity to heal and that we can learn the skills necessary to facilitate this natural process.

This workshop, An Introduction to Somatic Experiencing: A Model for Trauma Resolution, is suitable for anyone who works in a helping profession. Clinical, medical, community professionals and educators who deal with the aftermath of trauma can learn how to recognize and support this healing in the context of their work and in their own experience. Through some basic theory and practice, you will have a ‘sense’ of the power of listening and responding to and from the body. Join us for this unique and lively workshop composed of lecture, demonstrations, and hands on exercises.



Trauma Informed Training

Workshops for Professionals/Agencies/Conferences

Patricia Berendsen’s approach to trauma informed training is theoretical, practical and fun! Considered an expert in her field, Patricia’s knowledge of trauma makes her a sought after trainer, presenter and speaker. Patricia also brings her extensive experiences in management and the front line to her agency training. Whether Patricia is a keynote speaker, agency trainer, or a workshop presenter, she is an engaging and authentic presenter who gets rave reviews from participants.

“I was touched by a participant who came up to me after a training.  He had been in the field for 25 years and had seen and done pretty much everything.  He told me that although he wasn’t keen on attending the training (voluntold by his agency) he was surprised that he enjoyed himself so much.  It was the best training that he had been to in a long time.“

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Consultation and Supervision

Patricia Berendsen is an Approved Supervisor with AAMFT/OAMFT.  She has supervised students from Western University, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Guelph and the University of Windsor.  Clinical professionals seek consultation and supervision with Patricia to enhance, empower and support their clinical practice.  Patricia believes that “getting supervision helps us to remain ethical practitioners!” She also offers clinical supervision and consultation to practitioners in North America who are working toward their clinical membership with AAMFT/OAMFT.  In addition, she consults with clinicians who are seeking membership with CRPO.  Patricia also is approved by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to offer both individual and group consultations to those obtaining approval to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.   

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